Wienerschnitzel and Tastee-Freez Building

The Wienerschnitzel Franchise Program

A Wienerschnitzel franchise offers the opportunity to be part of the world’s largest hot dog chain. With over 50 years of proven success, Wienerschnitzel’s line of hot dogs, including its famous chili dogs, provide a unique and competitive position in the fast food marketplace.

Wienerschnitzel utilizes a combination of national, regional and local advertising programs, including an Advertising Co-op in most areas of the West. Additionally, Wienerschnitzel has a very effective purchasing and distribution program that provides quality products at extremely competitive prices to its franchise community through a network of approved suppliers and distributors.

For a limited time (through April 2015) the franchise fee for opening a Wienerschnitzel location has been cut in half. In addition, royalties for the first year are 1%, the second year 2%, third year 3%, fourth year 4% and the fifth year the royalties are 5% thereafter.

The franchisee, or a designated General Manager, must complete a six-week training program. Additional and ongoing training and support are provided as well.

Franchisees may choose from three freestanding building designs, or a lease of end cap space with a drive-thru that is approximately 2,000 square feet. Building and equipment packages begin from approximately $350,000. GGI will provide a list of banks and commercial lenders that work with Wienerschnitzel franchisees. (GGI does not provide financing for franchisee development.)

Franchising Support

Wienerschnitzel offers support throughout the restaurant development process, including the areas of: introductions to several banks to obtain SBA and conventional financing, site evaluation, training, and obtaining design and construction plans. We also offer an operations team for your restaurant opening.

Ongoing support consists of our supplying a franchise field representative for every 35 locations, management training, providing marketing materials, and providing an established distribution system. You can also enjoy getting together with us for our National Operators Seminar, as well as for various regional meetings.

Franchise Site Criteria

As of July 1, 2012

Locations: Your restaurant will need to be located on high-traffic major arterials and within close proximity of commercial, retail or employment centers. The site should have left-turn access, good visibility, adequate signage, and it should be near other successful commercial establishments. Shopping center pads (freestanding or end cap with drive-thru) and signalized intersections are preferred, as is the going-home side of the street. 21,000 to 30,000 square feet of land is required for free standing buildings, or 1,800 to 2,200 square feet of end-cap space in a multi-tenant pad building, preferably in front of a heavily anchored power center, is also preferred.

Limitations: Your restaurant must be located beyond a half-mile radius of any existing Wienerschnitzel location, and beyond one mile if located on the same street.

Demographics: The residential population should be a minimum of 10,000 people within a one-mile radius surrounding your restaurant; 25,000 people within a two-mile radius; and 50,000 within a three-mile radius. There should be at least 6,000 people working within one mile (daytime/employment population) and 20,000 employees within a two-mile radius. Fifty percent of people within a two-mile radius should be composed of middle-income households. A demographics package is available by calling Demographic contact info: ESRI at (800) 394-3690 & Claritas at (866) 737-5997.

Traffic: There should be a minimum of 20,000 cars driving by your restaurant per day, with a significant lunch-hour count and/or pedestrian count.

Building Sizes: Our “W6-C” restaurant prototype provides 1,825 sq. ft. and 34 seats; the Model “W6-B” provides 2,155 sq. ft. and 60 seats; the Model “W6-A” provides 2,550 sq. ft. and 71 seats; and the Model “W6-EC” ranges from 1,800 to 2,200 sq. ft. with varying seating capacities depending upon the available floor area and building orientation. All building types offer drive thru capability. Shopping center end cap with drive thru locations may require a customized floor plan.

Acquisition Possibilities: You may consider a land purchase or ground lease, and build yourself meeting our specifications. It may also be possible for you to negotiate a build-to-suit lease agreement with a property owner.

Contact Our Franchise Department

To receive more information about developing a new Wienerschnitzel Franchise, please complete the Contact Us form, or contact:

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