Wienerschnitzel Inside Restaurant

The Limited Franchise Program

Limited Franchising is a unique opportunity if you are someone who is willing to invest time and effort into a restaurant operation and who wishes to receive a full-time growth opportunity in return.

The Limited Franchise Program removes the obstacle of having to make a large capital investment. You will need an initial investment ranging from $16,900 to $72,500, as well as have a minimum of three years of management experience in the food industry, in order to qualify to operate your own Wienerschnitzel Limited Franchise. If you are selected as a candidate, we will provide you with a six-week training program. We will also provide you with a limited training “allowance” during the training period to cover your personal expenses during this comprehensive program.

Once you have successfully completed the Limited Franchise training program, Galardi Group will provide you with a fully equipped Wienerschnitzel restaurant, under the terms of a month-to-month operator agreement.

The Limited Franchise Program is not suitable for investment groups or individuals who are looking to passively invest their money. Profits from this program are generated through successful “hands-on” restaurant operations.

To receive more information about joining our Limited Franchise Program, and in what markets opportunities may exist, simply fill out the Contact Us form, and a representative will respond. Alternatively, please utilize the following contact information.

Limited Franchising Support

Ongoing support consists of our supplying a franchise field representative for every 35 locations, management training, providing marketing materials, and providing an established distribution system. You can also enjoy getting together with us for our National Operators Seminar, as well as for various regional meetings.

Contact Our Franchise Department

To receive more information about developing a new Wienerschnitzel Franchise, please complete the Contact Us form, or contact:

Franchise Development

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