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Who We Are

We pride ourselves on being family-run for over 50 years, and treating our franchisees like part of the family. Our franchise model is built to focus on the ideas, concerns and thoughts of each franchisee. We truly care about each and every member of this company — as a Wienerschnitzel franchisee, you’ll always feel like a top dog.

Our Values

Strive for Excellence, Sense of Urgency, Great Hospitality, Trust and Respect, Authentic

  • Wienerschnitzel history
  • Wienerschnitzel history 1961 John Galargi Opens the first Der Wienerschnitzel
  • Wienerschnitzel history 1968 the chain reaches 200 locations
  • Wienerschnitzel history 1977 The Der is dropped and the new wienerschnitzel logo is born
  • Wienerschnitzel history 1999 The Delicious One Mascot makes TV debut
  • Wienerschnitzel history 2003 Tastee Freez is aquired
  • Wienerschnitzel history 2012 Best Fast Food in Southern California
  • Wienerschnitzel history 2012 Best Fast Food in Southern California

The Future of the brand

Wienerschnitzel is committed to continuously improving to benefit franchisees and brand growth. In addition to continually researching and improving our menu of the best hot dogs in the world, we are also working on developing new building designs and prototypes for today’s customers.

Our latest plan, the “Heritage” prototype restaurant building has been designed to reduce the cost of entry for new and existing franchisees, while keeping the iconic Wienerschnitzel building’s image. The first Heritage opened in October, 2014.

Join the World’s Largest Hot dog Chain

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Be a part of our success story. It’s all here. We are the world’s largest hot dog chain. We are privately-owned and work together like family. It’s the perfect time for you to join us as profitable and sustainable franchises are our primary growth vehicle. Contact us to become part of our story.

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