Wienerschnitzel Announces the Hot Dogs for Homeless Tour

Wienerschnitzel Announces the Hot Dogs for Homeless Tour

  • March 31, 2015

Wienerschnitzel, the world’s largest Hot Dog chain, has teamed up with Skate For Change, a non-profit organization that encourages youth to give back to the homeless and lesser fortunate in their communities, for a month-long philanthropic journey: the Hot Dogs for Homeless Tour. Throughout April, a Wienerschnitzel-wrapped RV, lovingly declared the “Wienerbago,” will visit cities with heavy homeless populations to lift spirits and provide hot meals. The Hot Dogs for Homeless crew includes J.R. Galardi, Chief Visionary Officer for Wienerschnitzel and son of founder; Mike Smith, youth motivational speaker and Founder of Skate For Change; Joshua Schmitz, Chief Marketing Officer of Skate For Change; as well as surprise celebrity cameos. At each destination, the team will serve Wienerschnitzel hot dogs and provide socks, hats, warm clothes, hygiene kits, and other necessities to those who need it most.

In addition, the “Wienerbago” will stop at high schools along the way to assist with Smith’s motivational speaking engagements with the goal to inspire students to create positive change in their communities. Joining Smith, who has spoken to over 1,000,000 students in the last three years, the Hot Dogs for Homeless crew will participate on panels to communicate the importance of giving back and establishing a legacy. While on campus, Wienerschnitzel will grill hot dogs and give away merchandise, encouraging students to make a donation to Skate For Change. All proceeds raised during the tour, along with a matched contribution from Wienerschnitzel, will support the organization’s expansion across the world.

The Hot Dogs for Homeless tour is a collaboration of mine, Mike’s, and Josh’s passion for sharing our successes to help make a difference in the world,” said Galardi. “During the tour, we’re committed to feeding as many homeless as possible, empowering students to do extraordinary things, and simply making a lasting impression on anyone we come across.”

“It’s not every day a company as big as Wienerschnitzel chooses to take part in making change,” said Smith. “It’s one thing to talk about it, or write a check, but for one of the owners to take a month out of his life to personally help feed the homeless and raise money for our charity is incredible. I am so blessed to have Skate For Change be partnered with a company that’s just as committed to giving back as we are.”

Galardi continued, “This inaugural tour is only the beginning of the many ways we plan to give back and become part of a bigger, more important conversation. The success of our philanthropic endeavors are solely measured by the number of people we’re able to support.”

The tour will be documented by a professional photographer and videographer to capture the smiles, motivated youth, and moments of hope the Hot Dogs for Homeless team will bring to communities. For more information, click here

Hot Dogs for Homeless Tour Schedule *
March 30- March 31: San Antonio, Texas
April 1: Corpus Christi, Texas
April 2- April 3: Austin, Texas
April 4: Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas
April 5: El Paso, Texas
April 6: Albuquerque, N.M.
April 7: Tucson, Ariz.
April 8: Phoenix, Ariz.
April 9: Phoenix / Yuma, Ariz.
April 10: San Diego, Calif.
April 11- April 12: Coachella, Calif.
April 13- April 14: San Diego, Calif.
April 15- April 18: Orange County, Calif.
April 19- April 23: Los Angeles, Calif.
April 24: Bakersfield / Fresno, Calif.
April 25- April 28: Bay Area, Calif.
April 29: Reno, Nev.
April 30: Las Vegas, Nev.
* Dates and locations are subject to change